By 2013, the number of viruses class “cyber weapons” double

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The class of “cyber weapons” “Kaspersky Lab” includes viruses destroy or steal sensitive government data, as well as committing attacks to sabotage of critical infrastructure. For the year 2012 were found four of the virus: Duqu, Flame, miniFlame and Gauss. Company experts believe that such viruses are developed states to steal information from the Middle East.

Gostev said: “If you look at how many countries in the last year announced its attention to such things, we can expect at least double the number of such programs” . Experts of “Kaspersky Lab” divide viruses class “cyber weapons” into three subspecies: “The Destroyer”, “spies” and tools to sabotage.Examples of the latter subspecies is worm Stuxnet, which attacked Iran’s computers and damaged important equipment at several nuclear facilities.Viruses “spies” such as Flame, Duqu and Gauss, can steal confidential information. 
“destroyer” – a type of virus Wiper and Shamoon. Both virus attacked several oil companies in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Their goal – to destroy the information on the computer companies. Then, after the attack Wiper spring of last year, the largest oil terminal Iran stopped work for two weeks. 
Russian company “Kaspersky Lab” – is the largest developer of antivirus software. It is noted that in the world today its antivirus installed on more than 300 million PCs and mobile devices.

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