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With the program ”  Built for BlackBerry “, RIM tends to developers a pole evoking a fee up to $ 10 000 for each application validated.Its roadmap drafted in 2013 and output of the BlackBerry OS 10 recorded in order to the start of the year, the Canadian telecom manufacturer focuses on his Achilles heel: the software ecosystem.

It is offered to the final consumer a complete environment, software-led, with the value-added components, echoing the statements of Frank Boulben.Freshly invested marketing manager , he said that ” BlackBerry 10 is the first platform designed with upstream developers, […] both for individuals and professionals.  ”

In this spirit, the ”  Built for BlackBerry  “will become concrete in the fall.Submitted applications will always pass the test of quality control, but it can now benefit from a distinctive certification.This will be accompanied by a qualification “Premium” and a distinctive logo that will give developers more visibility on the BlackBerry App World.

But the conditions that determine the achievement of sesame are legion. First, membership in the program is free ” for some time “.In addition, the philosophy of the approach, the tender must be made before the release of BlackBerry 10. The deadline in this case is set for 21 January.Application rejected at the gates of quality control may be a deposit twice more.

Beyond that, it will be banned registers. But to what extent RIM guide he developers in providing the necessary changes?That’s not counting the many conditions governing the award of $ 10 000.

First, the payment is delayed by at least 12 months and for good reason: any application, once certified, must generate at least $ 1,000 of annual income before deduction of any taxes.

A minimum of 100 downloads over the same period is also required.RIM shall refund the difference to the ceiling of 10 000 dollars. For example, an application developer generating $ 3,000 in its first year will be awarded $ 7,000.Are only eligible applications earning under $ 10 000. Finally, if a developer submits multiple applications, only the first to reach the level of $ 1,000 of earnings is taken into account.As an aside, RIM indicates that the overall allocation is limited to $ 10 million. In addition, the program will end.

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