Brussels urges back to Google to change its privacy policy

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The European Union has threatened to take legal action before the summer to stop the collection, management and storage of personal information from users by Google, after European recommendations to review the privacy policy of searching have failed. In that sense , has developed an action plan last month and will be submitted for approval next week at a formal meeting of the Working Group on Article 29 (A29WP), which gathers the data protection authorities of all EU . And is that Google introduced its new unified privacy policy criticized (all services were to follow the same general guidelines) last March 1, 2012, despite requests for a postponement AW29P this change to better check the rules of the search engine. Google declined to hope, prompting the A29WP ask the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL) to conduct a full investigation into this policy. They exchanged several letters with Google seeking clarification on the policies of the company before the publication of its latest report on October 16 . That report did not ask Google to undo all your changes, but said that in order to meet the EU rules on data protection, Google should give users more information about its policies, stop combining information from different sources when not legally justified and ensure data erasure personal set periods. At that time, the president of the CNIL, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, said Google hoped to change its policy on “three or four months” with the threat that the national authorities of data protection throughout the European Union would take action against U.S. multinational. These four months have passed and now, from the EU claim that ” Google has not provided concrete and effective responses to our recommendations . In this context, the EU authorities on data protection are committed to act and continue his research. Therefore propose to establish a working group, led by the CNIL, to coordinate enforcement action, which must take place before the summer. ”  Meanwhile, sources have insisted that Google had responded to the requirements of the CNIL in January, although neither the form nor the French agency wanted to clarify what were the exact differences that have led to this situation. However, given the critical responses CNIL previous Google-qualified-evasive or incomplete, it is likely that Google did indeed answer to those claims but did so little accurate or effective to meet CNIL desires. Indeed, the principal adviser Google Privacy, Peter Fleischer, wrote a post this weekend accusing European laws to be ” quixotic”.

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