Brussels confirms charges against Microsoft for trying to enforce the use of Internet Explorer

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The European Commission has accused Microsoft so shaped by the imposition of its browser, Internet Explorer, to the millions of Windows 7 users who purchased between February 2011 and July this year. The penalty would receive the company could be historic.

Microsoft is back in the spotlight of the EU executive. Since 2004 has imposed three fines against the company for abuse of dominant position, which has cost the payment of 1,700 million euros . One of these sanctions was the high amount of 899 million euros to disobey the order with which he was forced to share data with their competitors. Yet the next sanction could be even higher after the indictment last European Commission against the U.S. giant. The government believes that the company did not offer an option screen to raise alternatives when users with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 could choose another that was not Internet Explorer. The gross part is that the company was committed to it but between February 2011 and June 2012 did not. Microsoft argued that it was all due to a technical failure a few months ago, the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquín Almunia, and warned of the failure of this measure by Microsoft. It responded immediately and hid behind a ” technical error “to justify not implementing this system on their platform. The excuse has failed to convince the Directorate General for Competition of the Commission, so proceeded to the opening of the new record. If a sanction against the Redmond company could see a multimillion dollar deal because it is said that it could be up to 10% of its turnover in that period. The setback would occur shortly after the premiere of his new Windows 8 , which will arrive on October 26 and in which Microsoft surely has ascertained when complying with the guidelines established by the European Commission and should not include any ” technical error “that could affect competition.

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