Botnet operators sentenced to prison

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Joshua James Schichtel from Phoenix, Arizona has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for operating large botnets and other for their own purposes at their disposal. The prosecution accused him of having sold the “command and control access to thousands of computers infected with malware.”

According to court documents Schichtel found its business model “for rent botnet” several customers.“Some wanted to infect the computer with various types of malicious software (malware) could get in touch with Schichtel and pay him not to install malware on the computers of these botnets, or to be installed”, informed the U.S. Department of Justice.

The defendant was convicted but especially for an avowed case in which he had to use about 72,000 infected computers from customers who paid him for only $ 1500. He gave it to the test, “without permission damage to multiple computers to inflict through the transmission of programs, codes or commands” – in breach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to have.

Schichtel was previously an unknown quantity in terms of computer fraud. It was founded in 2004 along with other accused to belong to in media reports as a “DDoS Mafia” designated group. The parties conducted on behalf of e-commerce operator from denial-of-service attacks against the websites of its competitors. Your client was Jay Echouafni, owner of Orbit Communications, which offered equipment for satellite television. Despite the position of $ 750,000 bail Echouafni fled from the United States and landed on the most wanted list of the FBI.

The now convicted Schichtel and the other accused then escaped after a report by O’Reilly their sentence. Prosecutors had not timely filed charges, and thus missed a legal deadline.

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