Boobstagram, a very low-cut social network

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Two French researchers have created a platform where women can share images of her breasts and see videos to inform young people about breast cancer prevention.

breast cancer prevention

breast cancer prevention

With the slogan “show your tits on the web is good, show them to a doctor is better”, two French researchers have developed a new social network called “Boobstagram” where only women can access necklines.

This is not a porn site, but an initiative that aims to raise awareness among young people about breast cancer. The idea of ​​creating a platform and arose from the success of Instagram where users post photos, which receive votes and comments of people who observe.

Julien Pourtau Glt and Lionel are responsible behind the project, who argue that this is a different campaign, where not instill fear or moralism, unlike new technologies looking to blend with science and thus invite women to prevent disease through routine checkups.

The social network of Twitter account, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, which share the photos that have been sent to your site to be published.

Via e , women can submit their photos to be published later cuentasde through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus, which also show videos of how to perform a check correctly and anomalies to be taken into account when doing so.

The creators reported on the official website that “breast cancer is one of the deadliest. Each year, about 50,000 women are diagnosed nearly 11,000 will die. This is almost 3 times the road mortality, 14 times the mortality of AIDS. “

Netizens can also find on the official website as some entertainment-related cartoons and pictures of curious theme bras that show the child side of every woman.

In addition, the founders of “Boobstagram” also are in charge of theme parties and fundraisers to fund treatment of women who already have the disease.

Contributions can also be made ​​online through the page .

Through innovative campaign, and Lionel Pourtau Glt Julien aim to prevent and assist in the reduction of deaths from the disease.

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