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The faces appearing in the videos may be blurred. YouTube announced the arrival of a new tool which will hide the identity of the protagonists visible on the screen.Functionality needed at a time when everyone can be witness to an event using the mobile phone.

YouTube is not just host videos of lolcats and facts of all kinds. The platform also represents a powerful vehicle media, which offers everyone a unique opportunity to witness an event, whether happy or not. And with the Arab spring that broke out in authoritarian regimes, the need to protect the protagonists on the screen quickly established itself.

 YouTube announced the arrival of a feature that promises to be beneficial for many people: the blurring of faces . ” Since citizens play a crucial role in providing information and video clips on human rights around the world, YouTube is committed to creating better tools to help them . “

” The visual anonymity on the videos will enable people to share more personal sequences and express themselves when they could not do before , “says the company. For now, only the “blur all faces” is available.Over time, YouTube should allow for more controls to prevent such blurring of the particular actors.

YouTube warns that the mechanism is automatic, the result may be unsatisfactory. In this case, the platform recommends not make the video public. Indeed, appear openly in a video hostile to authoritarian rule at bay is a risk that must be measured. This is the case of Syria, where the regime of Bashar al-Assad seems to yield more and more under the onslaught of the rebels.

According to a report of Witness, called Cameras Everywhere , no platform video hosting provides similar functionality. The establishment of the blurring of faces aims to fill the gap, especially since YouTube is the top destination for surfers when they want to watch videos.

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