Blackphone-The first smartphone created for privacy

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In the middle of the controversy over National Security Agency (NSA) of USA, the two companies have sought to support privacy by including in its terminal a customized version of Android called privates .

“We believe blackphone is an excellent opportunity not only to innovate in technology but to allow users to communicate securely , which it is now impossible, “said the CEO of Geeksphone, Javier Aguera, in an official video released on Vimeo.

Silent Circle is a company founded by Phil Zimmerman, creator of PGP encryption program . Zimmerman explained that blackphone offer users “everything they need to ensure the privacy and control of their communications, while other premium features expected of a smartphone . “

 According to an official statement, the phone is displayed in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, those who so wish may join a list to keep informed of any updates or order in advance a blackphone from Feb. 24. The phone will sell without bound by any operator.

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