BlackBerry wants to expand its market in Asia

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The Canadian company Research In Motion, maker of BlackBerry devices, has turned its attention to two of the most important markets of Southeast Asia: India and Indonesia , as a way to expand in a difficult time for the company image.

Last year, Indonesia was the biggest BlackBerry market , behind the United States and United Kingdom, while India was the ninth. Nearly half of smartphone sales in Indonesia in 2012 were for BlackBerry, according to technology research group IDC, contrasting with 5.3% market share of the brand worldwide. In India, the second largest market in the world of mobile phones, BlackBerry is in third place, behind Samsung and Nokia.

The key to success in these countries is the appeal of devices that let you communicate for free with the BlackBerry messaging service (BBM), especially among young people. RIM has made ​​millions of fans selling cheaper devices and offering service packages from $ 2 a month.

However, the company faces a double challenge. First, launch cheaper devices to attract customers more modest, they begin to move to smartphones with Android in which you can install WhatsApp. On the other hand, recall your brand image among potential buyers with more income. The multiple failures BlackBerry services have deteriorated the image quality of the products of RIM.

For now, it is expected that the Z10 model comes to the Indian market the second half of February, where operators expect to sell for about $ 750, and in late March to Indonesia. But analysts doubt that it is easier to sell the new model, users even more economically. The solution could be quickly launch cheaper devices, like the BlackBerry that put on the market in India and Indonesia last year, designed on the old platform.

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