BlackBerry is targeted at five inches with the BlackBerry Z30

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BlackBerry has unveiled its new ‘smartphone’ BlackBerry Z30 and 10.2 version of its operating system mobile. The terminal has a 5-inch touch screen and 1.7 GHz processor company also announced version 10.2 of its OS, which will be available for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and BlackBerry BlackBerry Q5 mid-October.

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Z30

“It’s our ‘smartphone’ bigger, faster and more advanced . “He described the Canadian manufacturer the new BlackBerry Z30 in its official presentation in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on Tuesday.Similarly, the BlackBerry has announced that its new device can be reserved for next week and then will be released first in the UK and Middle East.

The terminal has a touch screen 5-inch OLED, and incorporates a1.7 GHz processor and operating system revamped version of BlackBerry 10, which corresponds to 10.2, which “will improve the user experience.” According to the Canadian company, the new BlackBerry Z30 is ideal for those who need to stay connectedand frequently using social networks.

In addition, the device includes novel features such as a new space where conversations are stored , an option to preview messages and improved stereo audio allow the music, videos, ‘apps’ and games are heard in a more natural. On the other hand, BlackBerry Z30 also has a longer battery life and a new antenna technology with reception range .

Although this will be established as the flagship BlackBerry and has received good reviews for the moment, the truth is that analysts argue that the Canadian company is far from becoming a real competition in the smartphone market with giants like Apple , Google, Samsung or Microsoft .

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