BlackBerry stops selling its phones in Japan

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The Japanese newspaper Nikkei has published information, in turn picked up by Reuters, which says that BlackBerry will stop selling its terminals in Japan . It seems that one of the reasons for this strategic decision has to do with the inability to justify the cost of modifying the operating system to suit the Japanese language . The Japanese nation, therefore, not be part of the future plans of the Canadian company in relation to BB10 .


RIM is one of the companies that are suffering, at all levels, the arrival of an open system like Android. Google has given to the different manufacturers and facilities necessary flexibility to adapt the system in its different versions, a multitude of devices.While Apple iOS on their iPhone and iPad and Google with Android growing, companies like Nokia with Symbian and RIM BlackBerry , spend-and-spend a lot of trouble. The Finns managed to react alliance with Microsoft and launching the Lumia with Windows Phone. For its part, the Canadian company decided to prepare a new version of its operating system, completely renovated, BB10 . However, the technology market is highly competitive and not everything will be easy. The latest news about BlackBerry comes from Japan , where the company, according to the Nikkei newspaper and other resources , has decided not to sell more handsets in the future in China.

A weight ratio

The story in itself is impressive, but even more so is the main reason for this decision. BlackBerry has decided to stop selling terminals, partly because it can not justify the cost of adapting the Japanese language to its new operating system BB10 . To this we must add other information that is also relevant since BlackBerry has suffered a sharp drop in its market share in Japan to the point that, at present, is placed only with 0.3%, when it had reached a maximum of five percent.

Although news agency tried to BlackBerry make some kind of statement on this point, for the moment, silent. The company, whose name is the one that we used in this story, ceased to be called Research In Motion with the launch of its new smartphones with BlackBerry 10, and according to the Nikkei newspaper, will continue to support its current users. Of course.

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