Blackberry losses U.S. $ 4,400 million

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The slump follows the Canadian side of the mobile phone manufacturer. According to its latest financial report that reveals the figures for the third quarter, the multinational company lost U.S. $ 4,400 million, a pretty red figure when you consider that “the loss is four times higher than the previous quarter,” told AFP.

The explanation given was that the company’s sales are in free fall, with a turnover of U.S. $ 1,200 million in that period, ie 56% less than the same quarter of 2012. The extent of the loss is due, as BlackBerry, to a charge of U.S. $ 4,600 million for depreciation of assets and excess inventory.
This is a dark ad more after midyear eliminate 4,500 jobs, something like 40 % of its staff and also a slight withdrawal of several markets where previously very strong and is now just one more. A bad signal “BlackBerry, which has 70 million users worldwide, but most use old phones” and that “BlackBerry 10 (operating system) failed to stand firm in the market,” he said AFP.

But the company did not give up, and even more, because their action would continue downward if negative outlook remain. John Chen, CEO of the organization and maximum spokesman, repeated that 2013 will be a year of dramatic results where improvements of the company notice. “With the operational and organizational changes we have announced, BlackBerry has set a clear roadmap that will allow us to return to the goal of better financial performance next year,” he wrote in a press release.

A difficult task in a controlled by Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG and Motorola business warm in the famed iOS and Android, the two operating systems have more users in the world, followed by Windows, the master key of Microsoft and Nokia, who leveraged sales of tablets and PCs, Windows Phone project in its newest version for the eighth generation cellular and for other goods.

Acurdo with EFE, “BlackBerry said that 40% of its revenue in the third quarter of the year comes from phone sales, 53% service charge and 7% for software and other revenue” after reporting that has $ 3,200 million in cash, cash equivalents and investments in the short and long term. Hence Chen reminded that “the company is financially strong, has a broad portfolio of products and reliable, talented workers and a new leadership team dedicated to implementing our new roadmap.”

The company, on the very day in which released the figures of his slump, said it achieved a major strategic agreement with Foxconn, cataloged the manufacturer of the world’s leading electronic products and components, paradoxically maquiladora Apple and they built the cell to be put on the market in Indonesia in early 2014.

“This partnership highlights the long-term commitment to the market have BlackBerry devices and makes clear our determination to continue to be the leaders in innovation when it comes to secure mobile solutions from end to end,” said Chen. “Partnering with Foxconn BlackBerry lets focus on what we do best-design recognized worldwide, high level security, software development and enterprise mobility management-while still providing solutions for rapidly growing markets, thanks to the scale and Foxconn efficiency with which we can compete more efficiently. ”

Now we just wait. Was the time and the consumers who have given a lesson to these technology companies, who can reach the top of the business with a lot of work, but would not last as long as the top all looking to climb. That is the greatest challenge that became the king of the mountain with its Blackberry Messenger and now just looks like one of the contestants waiting patiently at the base of Everest.

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