Blackberry launches a tool to save battery

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RIM provides a tool to conserve battery power and better manage the applications that are open and are not used, but energy-terminal.The new Resource Monitor app isavailable for BlackBerry OS 7.1 .

   The application works with analert system that notifies the user when it detects that an application is running and consuming battery, but you’re not using it directly.

   In this case, the notification manager to open and close or leave open the applications and thus better manage the resources they are using the mobile device.

   The applications for smartphones are normally kept open for as long as the device is on but not in use, resulting in great loss of performance of the battery and shorten the number of hours that the smartphone is available.

   In addition, Resource Access Motion is a content manager that allows users to create “white lists” with applications that are never closed or to be displayed in the Resource Access Monitor notices, such as WhatsApp could be made that identifies the messages received continuously, although the smartphone has been suspended.

   Furthermore, the Resource Access Monitor is a battery saving modethat reduces backlight brightness to 20 percent and reduces the waiting time to 20 seconds.

   While already on the market close other applications , such as Android Task Killer, these imply that the user has to be continually aware of the manager and look at it. Also, do not work with all applicationsand in many cases these re-open automatically.

   A notification system is presented as a good alternative to optimize the use of the battery , which is always sufficient to use a user with data rate gives your smartphone. Resource Access Monitor is now available only for BlackBerry OS version 7.1 and can be downloaded for free from BlackBerry App World.

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