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RIM debunks the persistent rumors that reported a mismatch between the future operating system BlackBerry 10and the tool fleet management mobile BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).Such a contradiction would result, for businesses, an additional cost of infrastructure, forcing in this case to set up new servers to deliver the next generation of smartphones Canadian manufacturer.

But the latter, stung by these allusions, wants clear, as explained TechWeek Europe : compatibility will be whole, including with the PlayBook tablet.Putting perfume developers will ensure in the next version of BES (5.0.4), all necessary synergies, including backward compatibility with existing terminals proved, in the context of maintaining a uniform experience.

The possibility of fragmentation was detrimental to the homogeneity of the roots BlackBerry 10, based on QNX, the platform that the current team PlayBook.It is the latter, by the OS which is particular, can not communicate with the Enterprise Server solution: no access to instant messaging, email client or even the official RIM, unless using a smartphone brand as a relay (function called Bridge).

The common spirit is necessarily figured it would endure inconvenience in the future BlackBerry 10, inherited in part from QNX.Research In Motion is hard to cut short the rumors and even plays one-upmanship: BES takes well under his wingterminals iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android to embrace almost in their entirety disparities of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

RIM is trying to relegate to scrap its depravity. But Thorsten Heins, invested in January as CEO, is facing a net loss totaled $ 518 million in the first quarter of 2012.The interested party has initiated a savings plan punctuated by the removal of 5,000 jobs (about one third of the company) essentially impacting R & D.The roadmap for 2013 is now reduced to 4 smartphones. Delay accumulates and high-tech group based in Ontario (Canada) sees draw on the mobile market, a showdown between iOS and Android.

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