BlackBerry 9320 aims to attract young audiences

The 9320 is the evolution of 9300 and proved to be competent as a smartphone, especially for those who already use the platform.All about Black berry 9320 is mentioned as under:-


• Keyboard easy shortcut keys; 
• Good sound, internally and externally 
• Optical trackpad comfortable and useful.


• Low resolution screen; 
• App Store is still poor; 
• Hardware weak, only 512MB of RAM.

Design and Display

The launch of the BlackBerry is much like all other models of the Curve, even the most expensive. The finish is neat, although all plastic. The edges are silver, and the rest of the body is black – or colored.Unfortunately the whole back is shiny plastic, just a place that is very much in contact with surfaces and scratches a lot. It is advisable to use a protective cover.

Is about 100 grams. As the device is small, the few grams give the feeling of a smartphone a little heavy. The QWERTY keyboard is one of its major advantages because it has flat keys, very good for fast typing, either with large fingers or long fingernails. There are 35 illuminated buttons, and four function. On the sides are also an exclusive button for the BBM and one for the camera (both can be reprogrammed).



Stella Dauer

BlackBerry 9320 has a backlit keyboard



At the top are the button that locks the handset and headset input, while the bottom is just a sound output. On the left is the button BBM and microUSB connection, already on the right side, volume buttons and an exclusive cameras. The back houses the camera and your flash.

The screen is not the most defined, but is of good quality. They are only 65 thousand colors and 320 x 240 pixels on a small screen of 2.44 inches, but she is bright and has no problem in any type of use. The phone supports video, but it is a fact that this is not one of its main functions, leaving it to the user accepting its limitations.

And processing hardware

There is no official information on the 9320 processor, and we know only that it has 512MB of RAM.Because there is no information of the company, it is estimated that the processing should not exceed the 600 MHz Nevertheless, the performance is not affected, since the screen is small and does not touch. The transitions are quick and applications work well. It is not extremely fast, but he accepts and multitasking.

Besides having to be 3G and Quad-band – works with all operators in Brazil – the device also has Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, GPS with A-GPS and Bluetooth 2.1 with AD2P technology that allows connection to peripherals as headsets and hands free kits. The sensors are the most common gifts: accelerometer, proximity and compass.

Operating System

The BlackBerryOS is this: who ever touches it for a while, has all the tricks. For those who are familiar with Android or iOS will get a shock. For quick setup, there is a shortcut that brings together all the main functions to be customized in one place. This shortcut resolves quickly and intuitively most problems.For those who like to venture into more complicated configurations, system settings BlackBerry are almost endless.

The present version in 9320 is the most up to date as possible, 7.1. Among the novelties are searching for information by voice, customizing the home screen and automatic call answering. This version also allows you to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot

Who knows the system, also knows the history of the BlackBerry ID, account for the user to download and get support for your phone online. She is unique and caters for all branded handsets. No support for Flash or Java.


Small, it is not suitable for those who appreciate big screens, and large fingers who type quickly. It fits right in the palm of the hand, but using the QWERTY keyboard requires two hands to make everything right. The presence of unique photo button also facilitates the day-to-day, as well as the presence of entry for headphones at the top and the lock button in that area too.

On the issue of usability, the optical trackpad is a highlight. At first, it seems strange having to navigate through your finger by a small button, but after the usual you do not want to leave him. For a touch screen device without this is a great solution, which facilitates the user’s life.


There are many applications that come with the unit. This is already a custom of the BlackBerry, which provides everything necessary for an intermediate use of its smartphones without the user having to download anything. There is access to several email accounts, text messaging, browser, media player – videos, photos and music – subscription podcasts, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, social feeds, the app store BlackBerry App World, Twitter, messengers Snapshots – MSN, Yahoo Messenger and GTalk – and the password keeper.

There is also a voice recorder, the Documents to Go suite, YouTube, Maps, FM radio and Protect BlackBerry service, which lets you find your device through a web site and delete it remotely. Two games, BrickBreaker and Word Mole, close the package. By October 2012, RIM offers paid applications for free download, so new buyers can now fill your appliances without spending anything. Among the applications available are games and utilities such as photo editor.


Here we have a camera with 3.15 megapixel sensor. Not much, but the surprising performance of the device. In good light it makes good pictures, but give to see a bit of noise in the images. Still, it serves well to record the day-to-day, since it has LED flash and image stabilization. The zoom is digital only, 4x, and its use is not indicated.



Camera BlackBerry 9320 works well in situations with lots of light



The phone records videos in VGA quality. Is not it wonderful, and so is only for ordinary records. He has geotagging function thanks to the presence of GPS, but has no front camera for video calls.Among the 11 scene modes are the macro, night mode and face recognition. Otherwise, the settings are very few available.

Music and media

The sound that smart is a good surprise. An outlet at the bottom of the unit makes a competent job and delivers a loud sound with little distortion, something hard to find devices in this category. In conventional headphones that come with the product we had a very loud sound, but the quality was satisfactory. You can also listen to FM radio with RDS technology, which displays information about the currently playing song.

The screen is 2.44 inches short, but brilliant, and breaks a twig for watching videos but the resolution is only qVGA. Do not even think about putting videos too heavy, will not run well. It supports WMV and MP4.

Battery and storage

Being a small, low processing with and without touch screen, the battery lasts a lot. In heavy use of messaging and browsing the internet were approximately seven hours, a good number. For music playback, RIM promises up to 30 hours without asking for water. In stand-by is even better, spending four days away from outlets.

The internal storage it is insufficient, only 512 MB. For those who want to store more photos, music and videos, the unit accepts microSD cards up to 32GB. You can quietly use with many applications installed, and some photos will fit on it. Only it is necessary to expand the memory in the case of music (or videos).

Younger brother, the 9220

At the same event, RIM also showed the younger brother of 9320, the 9220. It is even cheaper than 9320, because it has no 3G, GPS and your camera is 2 megapixels. This simpler model is intended for those who sign a plan for BBM messages and only use the device for this and to make connections and do not require items like GPS and 3G.

What’s in the box

A small box of 9320 is full of manuals. Many papers, including warranty, contract software license, guides and others. Furthermore, we found the device, battery, USB cable, headphones and two conventional travel chargers, with a round pin and a pin flat. The average price, a good kit.

Who is

Those who are already familiar with the apparatus of the Blackberry Curve, you should consider this model for an upgrade. The system of BBM messaging is very popular among teenagers, and look and look more youthful and modern makes it a good option for parents who do not want to spend much.They are all wireless connections needed in a device not too expensive.


BlackBerry 9320

 Setup : 2.44-inch screen resolution of 320 x 420 pixels, file system BlackBerryOS 7.1, 3G, 512 MB of internal storage (comes with 2 GB card), 3.15 megapixel camera with flash, Wi -Fi, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1. Dimensions: 10.9 x 6 x 1.2 cm Weight: 103 g Battery life: Up to 120h in standby / talk time Up to 7h Included items: handset, battery, two travel chargers, manuals, headphones, USB cable.

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