BlackBerry 10 will launch with more applications than any other system

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It is possible we are still months to see run the new operating system from RIM , BlackBerry 10 , but little by little we know details of what the company claims. Alec Saunders , vice president in charge of developer relations, said the news site CNET that BB10  hit the market at the time of its release with more applications than any other operating system.

Clearly, when the operating system BlackBerry 10 hits the market, their fight for a place will be fierce. To begin, you must fight with two large: Android and iOS , and also with the newly introduced Windows Phone 8 . The manager of RIM acknowledges in his statement that when launched Google operating systems and their application stores Apple were virtually nonexistent and that these have been growing as it has the system itself. However, Windows Phone 8 in this respect has been a lucky since the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 920 last week was accompanied by 7,000 applications already available.

In the current scenario, it is clear that Android and iOS have reached a stage of development such that RIM withBlackBerry 10 will have no choice but to fight for the third place with Windows Phone 8 . In fact, Microsoft, knowing BB10’s arrival in a few months, he worked on his Marketplace last year to have more applications that RIM’s store,BlackBerry App World .

BlackBerry roadmap

The struggle of the applications

The trade battles between operating systems do not only occur in the number of smartphones and tablets that implement it, but also in the number of developers and applications that support and give greater wealth translated into possibilities and alternatives for the users end. So much so that RIM has sought to emphasize the 90,000 applicationsthat you currently have in your store (App World) and the success of some of them, in July the BlackBerry developer blog reported that they had reached the figure of three one billion downloads- .

All these data and intentions “verbal” RIM are fine, but the reality is that the operating system BlackBerry 10 since its launch has been delayed several times and, at present, is expected to reach the market in early 2013 . It has been rumored that even has been forced to consider options such as joining forces with Microsoft. Hopefully this will not happen because in the last filtration of its roadmap, speaks of two new handsets with BB10 along with a 10-inch tablet called PlayBook Blackforest and renewed LTE/4G technology.

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