BlackBerry 10 receives 15,000 applications in less than two days

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RIM has promised the developers $ 100 for each approved application.


Research in Motion is finalizing the launch of its new system,BlackBerry 10 , and already has more than 15,000 applications for validation . RIM developers promised $ 100 (74.9 euros) per application and approved the initiative seems to have succeeded.

The January 30 is the due date for submission of BlackBerry 10 and the first devices to integrate the system. RIM knows that the birth of BB10 is critical to its survival and has turned significantly improve OS. From RIM, beyond creating a system up to competition, know that to succeed a platform needs support from the developer community.

Having compelling content is key to success, as demonstrated by Apple and iOS and Google Android, and RIM BlackBerry 10 also wanted to be competitive in this regard. The result has been offering many facilities to program developers for BlackBerry 10.

For starters, the Canadian company gave test terminals in 2012 (BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha ) with which they could begin developing the system. In addition, RIM announced a succulent compensation plan for programmers. Alongside these initiatives, RIM promised to pay $ 100 per application developers that exceeded the test of compatibility with BlackBerry 10 in its debut.

RIM’s strategy seems to have succeeded and the data say so. According to The Verge, RIM has received over 15,000 applications for review and approval in just 37.5 hours. Thus, the opening of the application validation period has been a success, which is indicative of developer interest and possible initial catalog to be released BlackBerry 10.

So far have not provided figures total of approved applications , but the reception of 15,000 proposals so quickly is encouraging. If RIM makes the application catalog grows apace, the potential of your new system and increase your chances of success as well. It is expected that next January 30th volume RIM confirm total approved applications for your system at the time of its release.

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