BlackBerry 10, more photos of the first terminal

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RIM refuses to get out of the phone market and is betting on the future operating system, BlackBerry 10 , and by a new range of terminals on which to run. Among all the news sites that have collected the latest news about the Canadian company, we have been able to discern that there are two ranges of smartphones for when BB10 makes its appearance on the market.

If RIM wants to survive in a market dominated by Samsung and Apple, not only will you get BlackBerry 10 is attractive to users, but new devices are also a claim. Both product ranges are distinct RIM prepares as the series “L” has a touch screen that will occupy the entire front and the number “N” is characterized by including the famous qwerty keyboard of the BlackBerry.

Some data

A couple of weeks as news came to light on the series “L” and now have leaked a few images  that show how the end result of one terminals that implement the latest version of the OS, BB10 .


This new visual filtration, which is supposed to be the BlackBerry London , we emphasize that the back cover of the “L” will be able to withdraw. This is not a surprise, nor his general appearance, but what I can see to remove it is the place where I could go the NFC antenna that would give these teams, among other possibilities, payment option via mobile.This model is also rumored that your HD display has a resolution of 768 by 1,280 pixels and will ship in the first quarter of 2013. So, little by little we know some details of future RIM, although we still have to know what will give him the “N” series, with its now famous physical keyboard.

The debut

Research In Motion (RIM) is doing everything possible over the remaining months of 2012 to prepare for the debut of its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the early stages of 2013 . The multinational hopes that the arrival of the new OS and renewed product ranges, will usher in a new era for the company.

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