BlackBerry 10 devices have 720p

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Touchscreen smartphone with the new RIM BlackBerry operating system 10 will offer a 720p resolution.

Smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM) today revealed details of the default screen resolution of mobile devices with the new BlackBerry-10 OS known. The first device that comes with the new software, is rumored to the BlackBerry London, which will offer an impressive HD resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels.
This RIM also lays the standard for all subsequent touchscreen-only smartphone with BlackBerry 10 set. They must also offer at least 1,280 x 720 pixels. The usual devices with QWERTY keyboard, however, should have a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels. With the resolution requirements will facilitate the development of RIM’s BlackBerry apps. Different resolution displays are often criticized for Android developers. These difficulties have to be counteracted by the Canadian company uniform standards.
BlackBerry now 10 was postponed twice already. Currently the release is for the first quarter of 2013 planned. With the new operating system, however, should not only their own smartphones are equipped. RIM also plans to license the OS for third-party.

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