BlackBerry 10 could exit without Instagram

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For some days we are reading news about the possibility disparate, or not, that the new operating system RIM ,BlackBerry 10 (BB10), the application integrates Instagram from Facebook . First came the news site VentureBeat stating that RIM’s platform and then bring this application has been CrackBerry which has denied this fact.

The history of the famous application integration Instagramoperating system BlackBerry 10 starting on the 12th of this month when VentureBeat , citing sources close to the company, made it clear that Facebook does not give the green light to the development of an application Instagram in BB10.The news was interesting because the new platform RIM needs all the support possible to achieve market results expected of it, and this happens to have massive use applications beyond the usual social networks. Instagram is one of them because, in countries like the U.S., is surpassing even Twitter in terms of daily active users.

Instagram Website

By offering this information, VentureBeat posed the following question: if Facebook is not going to help BB10 with apps like Instagram , why would they do smaller developers? According to this website, the decision could be because Facebook BlackBerry 10 and will take its own integrated photo editor, with filters and editing options. In response to this issue of applications, we have read on some pages the view RIM: are working with the best developers to ensure that BB10 hit the market in the first quarter of 2013 with the applications users want.

Instagram, yes

Without trying to belittle the information source referred to by VentureBeat, a news page CrackBerry , BlackBerry news specialist, has denied the information of the first. This website refers to contacts within RIM and say “almost official confirmation”, the Canadian company still has a close relationship with Facebook and see Instagram on BlackBerry 10next year. In addition, the last week of September, during the celebration of the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference, you could see the first images of the appearance of the Facebook application on BB10. If that is the relationship between the two companies is not it logical to think that Instagram will be part of BlackBerry 10?

Appearance of BlackBerry Jam 10 in Americas

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