BitTorrent Sync: Synchronize Files, P2P style

Any user who has over a system and / or device knows the convenience of keeping your files synchronized , always keeping the latest versions and minimizing any possibility of data loss. Many services use the cloud as a bridge to synchronize files, but the new BitTorrent Sync is different: By not relying on conventional cloud storage as we know, BitTorrent Sync provides a kind of“synchronization point to point” with strong encryption to protect the contents of the files.

  • On more than one occasion I have found the need to resort to the classic “pendrive sync” to move a recently published document to another computer. Luckily, Google Docs has reduced this to a minimum, and I have a Dropbox account, but I admit that I do not use very often.
  • Synchronize files is easy, and there are many options out there, so that he could detect some saturation in the market. Gigabytes of storage in the cloud are distributed like candy, always reasonable measures, although the new Mega is delivering 50 gigabytes for free accounts, something that could change certain rules.
  • One of the first pictures that have appeared of Sync - Sync BitTorrentOne of the first images that have appeared in Sync

    However, when synchronizing and “only” synchronize, people of BitTorrent Inc . has announced its new Sync application . Basically, there is no “space” in the cloud that is used as a buffer, but Sync can sync files directly between systems, using a 256-bit AES encryption. Sync will have native versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. In regards to support for mobile devices, BitTorrent representatives have said they are in the plans, but it is too early to talk about dates. Sync is a new entry in the list of projects that holds assets BitTorrent Inc., and its two recognized clients, and others like BitTorrent Live .

    BitTorrent Sync is in pre-alpha stage , and are looking for volunteers bold enough to try the program and theoretically risking a file or two. If you are interested, you must apply the invitation and indicate some basic information such as name, mailing address, and the number of computers that synchronize think. The fact that Sync does not rely on a portion of space in the cloud gives a slightly different profile, but many insist locate portals as a kind of rival to Dropbox . Personally I’m waiting for the invitation, and although I have my doubts (the same that apply to any 

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