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Determined to prove the superiority of its search engine , Microsoft causes Google to a duel at the Bing It On Challenge .The Redmond company claims that its rival has become the public by its prominence and not relevant.

”  It is surprising how Bing give you better results and save you time “, say the organizers of the contest. All users are invited to participate until October 18.

The principle is simple and candid on a Web page, launching a simultaneous request form on both engines in their American version.

The results are displayed in two columns, with a random positioning. In addition, all clues that might betray the identity of either engine (ads, logos, special features like Knowledge Graph , etc..) are hidden.

The game takes place in five rounds during which the user selects the page that best fits the application.Otherwise, it is possible to opt for a draw.

An initial sample of 1000 persons followed by California firm Answers Research (study commissioned by Microsoft, however, that participants were unaware involvement) have elected Bing in 57.4% of cases, against 30.2% for Google Search and 12 4% of equalities.

The test  is focused on the term “sparkling water” (water vapor), “Sonny Anderson” (now retired football player football), “how to set up a network” (how establish a network), “university in Kansas” (Kansas University) and “hostel in Paris” (Paris hostel).

Review: Google wins 3 rounds to 1, with a draw.

It goes without saying that the subjective parameter played a role.

It seems that especially the systematic use of Google Search has shaped our way of formulating queries, via a mechanism by which unconscious almost everyone adapt his language to force fruitless searches.

ReadWriteWeb says that Google is more relevant to show simple terms, typically one word.

Bing respond more effectively to the complex demands generally displaying at the top of the list the most appropriate site when his rival would tend to suggest a large sample.

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