Bing has twice as many results “infected” than Google, says survey

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Bing, Microsoft’s search engine is the poisoned links, according to a recent study by Fraser Howard, principal virus researcher at SophosLabsThe research of security expert suggests that the risk of clicking a link “contaminated” when using Bing is more than double compared with Google, even this having a market share four times higher compared to the seeker DM.

However, these results come with some caveats. Howard noted both the duration and the method of his research post at Naked Security blog, Sophos: “Taking data from the last two weeks to search engines that redirect to blocked links on our web tool, it is clear that most of the redirects are affecting those who use the search engine Bing, “he wrote.

Specifically, 65% of these were redirects search by Bing, while only 30% were from Google.However, Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at Sophos, said: “We are not suggesting that 65% of Bing searches were with malware, but that the research found infected by customers of Sophos, 65% of users were using Bing. This may be only 1% – do not know – of all searches with Bing. “

Howard said that both Bing and Google are much better at filtering text links to malware than image links. He also said that 92% of malicious results were found through search queries images. Click on a thumbnail infected “results in redirection to a malicious site Blackhole exploit,” he wrote.

Francis Bea, Digital Trends reported that cybercriminals use blackhat or malicious tools of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to “increase the chances that a URL will appear on the first results page of a search engine.”

Wes Miller, the company’s independent analysis on Microsoft, said that a factor in the relative success of Google can be your long relationship with VirusTotal, culminating with its recent acquisition by the Company of Mountain View. “Whether the VirusTotal is a reason for this or help prevent these malicious links,” said Miller. “But it must be taken into consideration.”

“I think it’s possible that Google has spent more time and energy protecting users from malicious content driven research, and this is a result of spending those resources,” he said.

Wisniewski said he did not know why Google’s results were much better than Bing, “but they have much more experience in fighting people who want to earn a living manipulating search engines.”

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