Bill Gates is not happy with Microsoft’s innovations

Bill Gates , Chairman of Microsoft , began his transition almost five years ago to devote more time to his work is to improve the health and education of those who need it most. In a recent interview with Bill Gates , Microsoft founder said he is not happy with the recent innovations of the company he created with his friend Paul Allen .


Charlie Rose , a reporter for the news on the U.S. network CBS made ​​earlier this week an interview with Bill Gates in which among other details Microsoft founder said he is not satisfied with the innovations that had conducted its business in recent years.

During the interview with Bill Gates, Rose asked him if he was happy with the performance of Steve Ballmer , Microsoft’s current CEO, to which Gates replied that since self-criticism in recent years had come on the market Ballmer amazing products like Windows 8 , Surface , Bing or XBOX . But this was not enough for Bill Gates, even though the company is making every effort in innovation, one of its main products like Windows Phone does not end up in the doldrums.

It is precisely the success of Windows Phone what worries since Bill Gates has acknowledged that it is a serious mistake the path taken by the company to achieve leadership in this sector. Although sales results of Windows Phone 8 is almost four times higher than in the old operating system, Microsoft has failed to find the key to capture a large number of consumers so they can unseat Android or iOS early position.

Not that your browser Bing is a case of absolute success, despite the close relationship it has with Facebook and the good results obtained in the United States seems that Microsoft has no plans at the moment to improve the search results of your service leading countries in the beta version for years.

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