Bids from Microsoft, Apple and Lenovo were rejected by Blackberry

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Before making the decision to stay with the capital injection of signing Fairfax Capital, Blackberry was sought by other technology manufacturers. Or at least some of their assets.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple and Lenovo were interested in the former RIM and buy some parts, as have confessed to resources close to the matterSpecifically, the first two had given their attention to intellectual property and Canadian patents.

Blackberry rejected this proposal, providing a break in parts of the company did not serve the interests of all stakeholders, including employees customers, suppliers and shareholders.

In 2011 Microsoft, Apple and BlackBerry had joined with others to gain patents fellow telecommunications company of the latter, Nortel.

Earlier resources had also reported a possible sale of all or part of the company to other brides technology as Lenovo, Cisco and Google.

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