Beware of fake versions of Google Chrome

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Just yesterday we reported in our cover, the new version of Google Chrome , which added several new features and major changes, among which were solved several security issues with the stable version. Experts warn that there are websites that mimic the Web original Google and if you download the browser in its new version of one of these websites, these false versions may have malware and viruses. One of the false updates flowing through the network analyzed by GFI Labscontains malware Zeus , which we can steal our information and even data from our bank accounts to our credentials.

Experts from GFI Labs have analyzed some of the versions circulating since the last update of Google Chrome , resulting containing malware . Without going any further, drop an update of these web that mimics the original Google , contains the known Trojan Zeus , which is able to steal information from your computer and even our bank account credentials.These false updates can be found by replicating a network identical to the original page of Google , which tells us that we can download the browser Google Chrome in its latest version. As the newly updated and released yesterday from the oven contains several improvements in stability, speed and overall fixes several security issues , users did not download what they think and believe is Google Chrome 24 , being the opposite, a file malicious enter into your computer to download it.

The camouflaged websites can look like this, like the original Google:

Google Chrome with malware

This type of counterfeit pages can be found online at various sites and will offer the latest version of the browser to unload, updating and thus have Google Chrome 24 .

Therefore, we from softzone recommend all our readers who download the browser from a page that contains a link reliable officer, as that will facilitate yesterday in the new version (bottom of page) or from the browser for updates if you have it installed on your computer (recommended) or from a page that contains your address https:// (as https:// as the image that we show below with padlock preceding the web address:

Original Google

Even if you still have any doubt of the origin of the file you’ve downloaded, we analyze the web in Virus Total , uploading the file to it and analyzing their contents.

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