Beta of Firefox gets API for Social Networks

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Mozilla on Friday released a new beta version of its Firefox browser for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, the so-called Social API support (Application Programming Interface)The programming interface is designed to allow developers to integrate social networking features directly into the browser. Support for the API is to the company, but only “provisionally”, suggesting that the development is far from complete.


The integration of social networks is to take place on a sidebar. With it users can stay anywhere on the web with friends and family members in touch without having to open a new website or need to switch to another tab. “You can even while they surf the web, watch a video or play a game with your favorite network to stay in touch,” Mozilla writes on his website.

The first tests of the Social API to begin in the coming weeks and users of Firefox Beta be reserved. To start working on it together with Facebook to test the Messenger with the social API, added Mozilla.

Mozilla wants to use the long-term programming not only for social networking. The potential of the API is boundless. Mozilla expects that it can also e-mail, finance, news, and other applications to link with Firefox. More technical details for Social API Mozilla keeps on his website ready.

Last year the Mozilla Add-on for Firefox Share’d imagined. It can be used directly from your browser publish from links on Twitter or Facebook. Go one step further and the Flock browser RockMelt, which integrate social features directly. The latter is, for example, users direct access to the message stream from Twitter, Facebook and other services. It also supports the sharing of links and reading recommendations of their friends in social networks.

Since late last week, users is a corrected version of Firefox 16 available. It fixes a critical security issue, because of the Final Mozilla had retired just a day after the release.

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