Before hitting the market, Xbox One enhances its power

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Sony and Microsoft are facing the last months before the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which hit the market in late November and early December, respectively, or at least ensure that the latest leaks.

Xbox One

Xbox One

In this race to complete the catalog, the performance and specifications of machines, Microsoft has announced that it has improved the GPUof Xbox One with respect to the version shown at the E3 video game trade show held in Los Angeles in June.

In a “podcast” Major Nelson , Microsoft corporate vice president, Marc Whitten announced that the GPU speed has increased to 853 from 800 MHz version of Xbox One shown above. The “hardware” of the console is in internal beta and still being polished operating system that will take the final version is released to the market.

Capture video and photography

Moreover, the vice president of Microsoft Game Studios has confirmed rumors for days and noted that the Xbox One will allow users to capture videos using external devices, not only with the console.

The alarm went off when it was learned that the Xbox One will haveHDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to limit recording played on the console content from external devices. This would not media or Youtube users that find problems when taking videos or pictures.

“The new Xbox One function exactly as does the current Xbox 360 », confirmed the executive. Although he added that users can not capture all the video content they want, but some are protected by HDCP.

A clear measure against the ‘hackers’ wishing to film or series hack especially through the console. “If all you want is to catch the game, there will be no problem,” said the manager.

Internally, the Xbox One can also record the last five minutes, which is stored locally on the hard drive. Microsoft also will give developers access to a system designed to capture “magic moments.” That is, for “when something epic is about to happen in the game,” said corporate vice president of Xbox management program, Ben Kilgore, a Polygon.

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