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Do you remember how scientists left us open-mouthed a few months ago with the announcement of an ” aerial spray “?. It seems that the researchers were not happy with just getting such a feat and now I have done it again with the introduction of the ” Spray batteries . ” Yes, you read that right: the invention is a spray that can turn any surface into a battery.

The stunning discovery has taken place at Rice University (Houston), who have managed to “convert” in liquids, all the elements that are present in any conventional battery. As a result, you can “paint” using layers, the liquid on any surface, magically turning into a battery. For one example: the cup you see in the image is a battery. All it took was a little spary take on its curved surface and ready.

To “create” the battery is “painted” 4 layers of different nature. A first that would serve as current collector, cathode one that would, otherwise it would anode and a polymer that separates them. For now, the only drawback in this method has is that it needs to dry layers in an environment free of oxygen, so it’s not a matter of paint and go. We must have an “environment” appropriate for the process.

The number of applications that has this revolutionary invention are endless. But above all, the possibility of batteries as any computer, laptop, phone or console. Batteries could create more than thin, high-capacity and specific design for a specific computer. Come on, the dream of every industrial designer. Now it only remains to wait for this “miracle” becomes everyday reality …

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