Batteries comparison in Galaxy S III, 4S iPhone, HTC and One X

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Whenever you get a new phone are dozens of comparison in every respect, better screens, more potential for processor, larger screens, which is thinner, which has more RAM and many other things, that the final betweensmartphones premium are fairly even, but the users there is something very important to us and perhaps these other characteristics, and the autonomy of the battery of the smartphone with which we ourselves.

The guys at Which?  wanted to see which battery lasts longer between charges, and have made a series of tests between more powerful smart phones of today, and also the most popular, as are Apple’s4S iPhone , HTC One X , the HTCSensation XL , the Sony Xperia S and newborn Galaxy S III , Samsung, and the results have placed the latter as the undisputed king, at least in battery life.

Comparison between the batteries 1x1.trans Galaxy S III, 4S iPhone, HTC and One X

The graph above shows that the main trial has been calling minutes, as this is what you consume more battery power, and S III endured 726 minutes of call, following him the One X with 635 minutes and then the Xperia S not seeing the iPhone 4S until fourth place with 467 minutes.

This is not the size of the battery, although it is certainly the largest (of 2,100 mAh), but the quad-core processor Exynos 4412  with which works the Galaxy S III, since this is optimized thanks to its architecture  to consume the least energy possible.

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