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The day came for Microsoft. The company presents its new operating system Windows 8from the hand of the tablet Surface . Next Monday will also feature Windows Phone 8. In just three days, the Redmond discover their cards to jump from PC screen to any screen: tablets, smartphones , convertible …

In January, after the Christmas season, we will have a first idea of how sales teams with Windows 8, especially in front of Android tablets and the iPad. For now, the operating system will bring a flood of new gadgets that promise to forever retire the word PC.

What’s new? Parts:

RT vs Windows Windows 8

They are the two versions of the operating system that Microsoft presented. RT Windows mode is adapted to tablets (for ARM and x86 processors from Intel or AMD). Allows teams with longer battery life, lighter and cheaper, but is incompatible with many applications (Office saved, of course). It is designed for users seeking mobility and content consumption rather than creation.

The full version, Windows 8 Pro, is designed to switch the traditional desktop with the new touch interface of Windows (ModernUI before Metro). Computers with Windows 8 Pro (with or without keyboard tablets, convertible laptops …) try to attract targeted users create and consume both content and companies.

Microsoft Surface_2

The tablet Microsoft deserves special mention because it is turning on its historical relationship with manufacturers. Surface with RT of time Windows will not be sold in Spain and do not know when will our country. In U.S. keyboard worth $ 599 inclusive, 100 more than the fourth-generation iPad.

The first in-depth reviews , however, are rather disappointing : ensure that the user experience remains in no man’s land between tablet and laptop , the battery is short , has many failures and few applications software . We’ll see if it’s true, we must test it in detail.The Pro version will come with Windows 8 later, no date confirmed yet.

Ativ Samsung Tab


Virtually all manufacturers will draw your model tablet with Windows RT . Highlights include the Samsung Ativ Tab (pictured), the paper is thin (8.9 mm), lightweight (570 grams) and 10 inches. The price has yet to be announced, but in the version with Windows 8 Pro (range Ativ Samsung Smart PC ) worth 649 euros and will be available in Spain from tomorrow.

The Asus Vibo Tab looks good: 10.1 inch, dual cameras and 32GB storage. You can go with or without keyboard, from 599 euros. The Dell XPS 10 , with or without a keyboard, is another option: 10.1 inches and from 596 euros without keyboard (699 with keyboard).

Among the tablets with Windows 8 Pro , another avalanche. Highlights include the Dell Latitude 10 (from $ 650), the Acer Iconia W510 and Iconia W700P , and the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx .

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga_B


Unlike tablets with or without keyboard, convertibles are portable Windows 8 with double or rotating screens that transform the tablet computer improvised. Designed more for business use, but you never know.

Among those presented so far, stands out above all the Asus Taichi (from $ 1300, still no date of arrival in Spain), the Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook (from 1,200 euros, and in Spain) and theLenovo Idea Pad Yoga 13 , in photo (on sale from $ 1,000 U.S., but it seems that in Spain start at 1,200 euros).

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