“Atomic” LaCie network storage up to 20 TB

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The range of products from LaCie NAS-emerged new 5big NAS Pro with five bay for hard drives (possibility of RAID-array level 0, 1, or 5).

NAS is enclosed in an aluminum case with dimensions 173 x 220 x 196 mm, designed by renowned industrial designer Neil Poulton (Neil Poulton) and cooled by a single fan from Noctua with a temperature sensor. The device is built on dual-core Intel Atom processor with a clock speed of 2.13 GHz, equipped with the DDR3 memory of 4GB and is controlled by the operating system LaCie NAS OS 3. It supports two Gigabit Ethernet-connection, and also has a pair of USB 3.0 connectors, and USB 2.0, which is adjacent to one 15-pin VGA-port.

New product is available with or without storage, or from the hard drives for a total capacity of 10 TB or 20 TB. In addition, the buyer will be able to, within three months of free use 100 GB of storage on the cloud server Wuala Business Secure Cloud Storage to host their data and sharing on the web.

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