Atari founder: “There are many around us Steve Jobs’

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Nolan Bushnell has published the book “Finding the next Steve Jobs: How to find, recruit, retain and nurture creative talent ‘

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell has published a new book ” Finding the Next Steve Jobs-How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent “(Finding the next Steve Jobs: How to find, recruit, retain and nurture creative talent ) where define some steps for finding people with the potential as effective as co-founder of Apple.

The figure of Jobs can not be replaced but in the world there are many creative, talented visionary and have not yet been discovered and could give a fresh air to the technology industry as Jobs did.

Steve Jobs worked before founding Apple in Atari. After Bushnell rejected the chance to own a third of Apple in its early days. In an interview with Eric Johnson of All Things, Bushnell said that the reason why they are constantly seeking the “next Jobs” is because “he took a computer company in bankruptcy and the company became the largest market capitalization in the world ‘ . However, points, and there are “many Steve Jobs around us” in the Google X labs, for example.

“I had dozens of suggestions for Steve, many of which he wrote. I kept thinking I should also write and now, three decades later, I did, “he writes in the book Bushnell.

Atari co-founder wrote in his book Creative management is similar to “herding cats.” “You can try and try, but eventually you will fail.” Given this reality poses Bushnell create an organization that is not based on strict rules but ‘pongs’ flexible and originals. You can never consider a creative corner, but offer a good working environment in which they feel comfortable.

You can never really control the creative, says in his book, but if they offer a good working environment with elastic guidelines, you can get excellent performances from them.

He cites the example that when Steve Jobs started working at Atari wanted to sleep and spend the night in the office. And many of his peers did but security staff complained to this because the alarms were jumping. Steve Jobs insisted that if he could not sleep in the office resigned, so they agreed to hire security guards and disable alarms.

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