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Asus, which grew and almost disappeared with the phenomenon of netbooks, is soaring with their tablets, rather than their mobile. However in the fair MWC presented Monday morning in a unique hybrid, probably more than practical. These are cases of Padphone and Phonepad lines.



One of its innovations is the mobile Padfone Infinity 5 inch screen, high-definition (1920 x 1080) and anti-fingerprint film. Take a quad core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon (Qualcomm), and two cameras, one of 13 megs and front two. This Padfone tablet is embedded in a 10-inch screen, which serves as a refueling station and to reconcile all features and content downloading. In total, the gadget that runs on Android, goes for 999 euros.

The Padphone is not the same as the Phonepad, which is a one piece product, tablet and phone with 7 inch screen (high DEFINITION 1280 x 800) and all the capabilities of a smartphone, i.e a tablet that does and receive voice calls. It weighs 340 grams, offers 9 hours of battery life and its thickness is 10.4 mm. It costs as competitive: from 219 euros.

Not crazy Asus, but has used the shooting he has had with Google’s Nexus tablet, and is now using the experience. While in Europe lacks the camera for videoconferencing, is a device that will hurt competition.

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