Astronomers have uncovered the mystery of the biggest stars

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Astronomers have uncovered the mystery of the huge stars that did not allow scientists to rest since their discovery in 2010. Four stars found in the star cluster R136 in the next in our galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud , were so large, that did not fit into existing concepts.

Previously it was believed that the maximum mass of stars is less than solar by more than 150 times. But the lights were opened up to 300 times heavier than our Sun.

“Not only are the mass limits, but all the other basic characteristics of the stars to look identical, and we saw a universal process of star formation in the Universe” – said study co-author, Paul Krupa  from the University of Bonn.

A group of scientists led by Dr. Sambaran Banerjee attempted to determine whether the formation of stars in this cluster unique to the rest of the universe or ultramassivnye stars have appeared here for other reasons.

The researchers constructed a highly accurate model of the cluster R136 , which includes about 170 000 stars to follow their internal interactions. In the original model of the biggest stars were not available. The program had to overcome more than half equations to show the change in the system over time.

For this challenge, researchers have used the most advanced tool for modeling space cluster program NBODY6 , developed at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge ( Insitute of Astronomy ). Interestingly, to accelerate the settlement team of astrophysicists had to upgrade their desktop computers with just a few of the latest boards for computer games.

Researchers presented the findings in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.Computer calculations showed that the star-monsters could arise during the merger of two stars.

“The R136 cluster is formed at a time so many giant stars , which are often combined in pairs – explains Banerjee. – but the density of the cluster is so high that often clash. Most likely, these stars appear ultramassive after the collision of two such giants. ”

“The resulting explanation allows us to relax – Krupa adds. – It is no longer necessary to revise the concept of the universal star formation.”

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