Arises sell Apple Ultra HD television.

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 Within the whole rumor mill that revolves around Apple usually not many rumors that mention presenting in sectors producing for brand new apple. Although much has been made ​​lately of Apple iWatch smart watch, recent evidence points to the marketing of Ultra HD television .  

Apple iTV

Apple iTV

   According to the latest rumors filtering product be called the iTV (what a novelty …) and have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and its main features would be the smart audio system and internet connection .      Such rumors have emerged in the wake of supposed conversations have been directors of the Cupertino company with main supplier Foxconn to plan what would be the production commented chains of iTV. A turn is believed to have existed talks with several manufacturers of panels Ultra HD screens to incorporate iTV and to program planning.  Dates being considered is that later this year 2013 could begin mass production of the new Apple TV, but as I always say in these cases are just rumors and time will give or take away reason.

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