Argentina has the worst access to technologies

Argentina became the most backward in the supply of next generation products. Inflation and other details.


In the past 10 years, Argentina remained the Latin American country where average salaries are needed most to acquire technology products, according to a private report to the Index Framework Digital Divide. And as if that were not enough, from exchange restrictions and curb imports became the most backward in the supply of next generation products.

The last work of the consultant Marco Marketing Consultants revealed that while in Chile, the most accessible of all the country, it takes less of a wage (0.96) to buy an average notebook in Argentina must allocate 2.20 wage average.

The paper argues that the difference between the average amount of wages needed in Argentina and Chile to buy an intermediate notebook is 129%. But if high-end notebooks are compared, the gap amounts to 166%.

“This means that mid-range products, Argentina achieves better comparative situation, although still poor, with the rest of the countries in which we relieve themselves very high-end products,” the work.

Brazil is closer to the situation in Chile and Mexico to the local, where 1.42 and 2.16 respectively average wages need to buy both a smartphone; tablet; notebook or other device “tech”.

According to the creators of the index, “the goal was to create a simple comparison clearly Graficara purchasing power in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the United States.”

If instead of quoting an average notebook, laptops are searched last generation, Argentina is facing another problem: there is no stock in the main chains.

“This means that the technology is not only less accessible by price, but by availability,” said the consultant.

But that’s not all. According to the report, the worst segment is taken tablets and smartphones: in Argentina takes almost three times the average wage in Chile.

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