Are we discrete the Internet?

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The control and caution with the data users leave in the various services of the network can avoid many troubles.



On the Internet, as in all facets of life,discretion is the better way to behave to avoid conflicts . The identities and privacy regarding personal information can impact positively or negatively on the reputation of the user and the security of its economy and accounts. But preserving that privacy is not only in the hands of regulatory bodies or mechanisms available to the services used, but also depends largely on the user. Are we all wish discrete in our digital life? Below are the most common indiscretions comment on the Internet, some of the programs that have been detected and tips to optimize discretion .

Charity begins at home, the discretion as well. As much as the Data Protection Agency Spanish security check rules and privacy to the various services, social networks and platforms of the network, and as much as these that they comply strictly with all such schemes, customizable options and levels of encryption of data, if at the time to write a comment on Facebook or Twitter in a public way does not measure the reach of words, you can pay dearly.

Stories abound of people fired for posting on Twitter and Facebook derogatory comments by criticizing their leaders or express boredom with their work. Also announce how well we were on vacation at a certain place, when they were supposedly on sick leave or at a conference. In other cases, some people see their reputation into question by making references to abuse alcohol or drugs in the social networks you use.

Programs to intrusive hunt

Recently it has launched a program dedicated to collect and display the controversial opinions that people post in these networks in public, and the list was endless. Why these people are so gullible? Many are newcomers to digital material, and even register for some services is easy, do not become aware that their comments can have an enormous impact. Two years ago the service OpenBook is dedicated to reveal what was said so Facebook public for embarrassment for many.

Some users do not constitute either the privacy they want to give the service and then do not measure his words, or confuse the professional with the staff. In a digital world like so interconnected, it is not uncommon for the higher labor continue his subordinate, even watch it, if not prevented, it does nothing illegal. Some even publish photos in Twitter credit card as the account shows needathebitcard , dedicated to collect them to show unawareness of their owners.

Another section is to set out the pictures on Facebook without controlling their privacy and can be viewed publicly by everyone with a Google search. Be aware that some photos can be viewed by human resource agencies who doubt whether or not a job offer. Even there are pages that explain how to view private photos on Facebook .

Two years ago became famous other service, PleaseRobeMe , which compiled the comments from Facebook users who say where they were at one time , so while announcing that his house was empty and available to thieves. Should not rely on networks where and when we go on vacation .

On the other hand, not just about leaders gossips, reputations or hackers, but also the governments around the world begin to demand information about what people write in their social networks. It is often in reference to violations of intellectual property rights , but also by comments deemed inappropriate or threats to others. Both Google and Twitter have made public the requests received during this year and has surprising that almost all Western countries.

Care at the time to provide personal data

The same applies to what is written in emails or even left some data services are contracted or shops where you buy.

Sometimes an email can be forwarded without consent to contact the recipient to know the sender, so that reveals both the author of the comment and the mailing address of the sender. No bad intention, but such practices can cause much damage if they fall into the wrong hands.

Another similar case is when you hire an Internet domain data are required as the name and a personal phone. If such information is not provided in private mode, just somebody to Google the name given by the phone for this word appears.

Tips for optimizing the discretion

  • Before starting the activity in a social network, study well the privacy settings and once mastered, secure the desired level. Manage privacy on Facebook and Twitter is very important.
  • The more privacy, less interaction with the environment, so you have to decide if they want to be publicly or privately , only visible to the user’s contacts. In the second mode will have more freedom, but the popularity will suffer. In the first case, optimizing the use of networks, but should exercise extreme caution and always think twice what is published .
  • Control who follows the social activity and to block or not to admit persons not interested, no boss can force the USER will accept a service.
  • Never expose personal data in an open , like phone numbers, account numbers, card data, etc.. To do that, messaging services and emails.
  • Always demand when information should stop in a service contract or commerce, that personal data not be displayed publicly .
  • Forwards control to make the emails , both with the caution of what is written and to whom, as with legal notices of confidentiality. In principle, any private communication between two people is confidential and can not be disclosed to third parties.

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