Are there clouds on the horizon for Apple?

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Apple released its quarterly financial results that serve as an indicator for investors to know the state of the finances of the company.They reported that profit rose 21% from last year to settle at U.S. $ 8.8 billion.Its revenue also increased to stand at U.S. $ 35 billion, representing an increase of 23% over the same period a year ago.



But after unveiling profits of the company shares fell nearly 5% as analysts described as disappointing results.The question is how can a company that gets disappointing revenue gains as high and nearly $ 9 billion? The short answer is that stock analysts expecting better results. Several of them had predicted that the bitten apple company sell more devices and thus make more profits.

It’s not something that happens only with Apple. When companies do not reach those estimates by analysts, their actions tend to fall. In some cases these gales passengers, while in others it may be warning signs.In Apple’s case seems to be a mixture of both fortunes.




Sales of the iPhone were particular to the strategy of consumers expect the launch of a new model of the most popular smartphone in the world. The Apple reported quarter (April to June) was characterized by a strong launch of rumors about the release of the new device. 

Consumers, under that logic, think it is better to wait for the new model hits the market to commit to signing a two-year contract for a phone that has more than eight months on the market and is therefore perceived as old.On the other hand in the same period other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the market attracting the attention of new users interested in smart phones.

Given the characteristics of the users of the iPhone, it is unlikely that they have moved en masse to Samsung, but it is possible that the Korean phone is attracting new consumers who had not had a device of this nature.The irony is that Apple seems to be falling prey to their own speculations. The company is the master at creating buzz and anticipation for their products generate. Your customers know the dates on which these will be announced and now decide to wait.

So much so that the company placed its revenue forecasts for the next quarter at $ 34 billion, a low figure indicates that there will be a new device at least until the end of September.But the company, despite what analysts say, also showed that the muscle of the iPad is growing. Tablet sales rose 83% over the same period last year to put the number at 17 million iPad sold.

The device has clearly become the flagship product of the company and in his letter to the future. While in the smart phone market is filling up with other high quality products in the tablet market the iPad seem to reign with tranquilad.

Samsung GalaxyThe arrival of other phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3-has meant competition for Apple in the smart phone market.The arrival of Google Nexus 7 could start to change this dynamic, but while the device is only available in some countries, Apple will continue to take the lead. And, if the rumors are true, the future launch of a seven-inch iPad could be that scenario.


Latin America on the other hand seems to be playing its part in the financial results of the company.In conversation with investors to submit their financial results, Tim Cook said of the region: “We are seeing growth in some of these countries that is absolutely stunning.”What seems certain is that Apple will explode over iPad sales and try to innovate on the tablet in a market that is booming. That’s his strong suit and play that hand.

The iPhone will still exist of course, being made faster and thinner, but in a saturated market gains will not be as appetizing.Apple seems to be at a turning point which will surely succeed. The key will continue to innovate and, with or without Steve Jobs, have people to do it.And if they fail there will be a dozen rivals ready to fill your space.

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