Arctic sea ice melting faster than predicted

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The sea ice in the Arctic is melting faster than expected. According to new images taken by a special satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA)Scientists fear a major impact on the climate because the mass loss would be the global warming can greatly accelerate.

The first images of the CryoSat-2-satellite show that compared with last summer this year 900 cubic kilometers less ice in the Arctic. That means a whopping 50 percent more ice is gone, than previously predicted by scientists, reports the British newspaper The Guardian .

The faster summer thaw is only now being noticed, because we used only the surface of the ice in the Arctic could measure. With the new satellite – in 2010 by ESA was launched from Kazakhstan – can now also specify the thickness of Arctic ice are measured.

“For CryoSat we saw that the surface of the ice quickly deteriorated. Now we see that it is much thinner than before, “says Professor Seymour Laxon of the London University who analyzes the data. Where the ice before 6 meters thick, is even now barely 3 meters.

Major culprit: climate change. “If this momentum continues, the Arctic ten years may be completely ice free in summer, with far-reaching consequences for nature,” said Laxon yet.Without that huge white ice surface that reflects sunlight back into space, the Arctic warming even more than it already is. This increases the temperature of the seawater and methane, the stocks at the bottom of the ocean – who are ‘frozen’ stored – melting, evaporating in the atmosphere and global warming even more encouraging. Methane is one greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than CO {+2} promotes the global warming.

More bad news: according to a forecast of the Hamburg University, the ice covering the Arctic next month to a historic low record. Each year the Arctic ice reached its smallest area in september.With 4.1 million square kilometers of the ice below the current record low of 2007 remain, when there was 4.3 million square kilometers of perennial ice.

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