AppSense ensuring DataNow secure access to data

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AppSense has an enhanced version of its software DataNow Essentials presented. It is available now called not only as part of the User Virtualization Platform overall solution of the company but is offered as a standalone product. With the DataNow App users also have the ability to retrieve proprietary and personal data, both locally and through common cloud solutions and save.

The manufacturer advertises that companies with DataNow given the opportunity to their employees without changes to existing IT infrastructures, location-independent data access of PCs, Macs,tablets and smartphones to offer. The protection of company and user data in accordance with corporate guidelines and safety standards are maintained while leavingSince no data migration is required, the use or introduction does not cause any hindrance to the business processes and no interruption to data access.

The license costs depend on the number of users. They start at 47 euros per year and users. To convince customers benefits and features, the manufacturer offers on its website a 30-day trial version.

The free app is currently available DataNow available for iPhones and iPads.It provides both secure access to corporate data and via Konnectoren to Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, GoogleDrive Citrix and ShareFile. This allows employees both corporate and personal data stored in the cloud access.

For each policy provides on-the-fly encryption or decryption performed. In addition, the app mobile access to her conventional storage server with FTP or WebDAV. For uploading images to the cloud or on the company’s server provides the application access to the local

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