Apps that are not for every budget

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Apple’s App Store for your mobile devices is full of useful applications at affordable prices or even free. However, there are apps that can cost up to 800 euros.

An analysis prepared by the European mobile advertising network madvertise in collaboration with the Applications Navigator AppZapp-reveals how the most expensive apps are directed to a strictly professional groups who use their mobile device or ‘tablet’ as a working tool that as a fellow of hobbies.

Hence, these applications are concentrated mainly in the categories of Business and Education at the online store. In an analysis by price range, madvertise shows how requiring a higher payout (799.99 euros) can be considered as assistants facilitators personal or professional activity in sectors as diverse as legal or agriculture.

This highlights, for example, BarMax Pro, a sort of virtual teacher for aspiring lawyers of the state which provides them with knowledge to prepare for competitions, but also material from previous tests by way of practical exercises.

It also highlights the Agro app, which is able to perform daily monitoring of the crops to optimize resources and improve production.

This is the Top 10 most expensive apps in the App Store today:

1 – VueCAD Pro (Business), 799.99 euros. 

2 – BarMax Pro (Education), 799.99 euros, currently 319.99 euros due to a temporary discount of 60 percent. 

3 – Agre (Productivity), 799 , 99 euros. 

4 – The Alchemist SMS (Utilities), 799.99 euros. 

5 – Verituner (Music), 479.99 euros. 

6 – EyeLifestyles (Medicine), 419.99 euros. 

7 – 3cp / Image Control Pro ( Photography), 319.99 euros. 

8 – BMRControl (Health and Fitness), 239.99 euros. 

9 – GIS Pro (Navigation), 239.99 euros. 

10 – Themis Reader (Reference), 239.99 euros.

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