‘Apps’ green: the ecological profile of smartphones

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  • The smart phones, despite being made of contaminating materials, have a 90% recyclable components.
  • In addition, during his lifetime, it is possible to give multiple uses environmentalists thanks to numerous applications designed to protect the environment.
  • We highlight some of the best ‘apps’ green time.
Very bad press often have electronic devices, especially smartphones , when they are related to environmental care. This negative reputation is not unfounded: the batteries of mobile elements are composed of as toxic as cadmium, lithium and metal hydride. A single battery can pollute up to 600,000 liters of water. addition, they often include other toxic metals (arsenic, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, lead, nickel and zinc) in small amounts have a high incidence of neurological diseases and cancer.

In fact, over 90% of the components are reusable for a mobile (58% is plastic, glass is 17% and 25% metals as iron, copper, silver and occasionally gold), so that if each and every one of the 3,000 million mobile users estimated recycling in the world, it would save 240,000 tonnes of raw materials. Some companies are very committed to recycling terminals, but the results are not yet significant. It is estimated that between 25 and 30 million mobile phones kept or broken, as only 1 of every 5 mobile is recycled, according to resources .

However, although it is important to promote the culture of recycling, it is necessary to await the end of the life of a smartphone to give a commitment to use the environment. The many “green” applications available for mobile operating systems allow you to be respectful of nature actively. We highlight some of the ‘apps’ environmental profile most curious and interesting:

Recycling point tracking

Within the scope environmentalist, one of the areas best suited to mobile technology is recycling. Apps like Where to recycle (Android ), My recycling ( iOS ) or clean Point  ( Android andiOS ) assume perfect tools to detect their nearest recycling points.With this type of apps can locate points clean areas for battery recycling containers, clothing, etc.. With a more didactic findrecycling guide (available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and browsers), an application must indicate where each type of waste deposited. Very similar is the function of iRecycle (Android and iOS ), which reports on what is recyclable and what is not from a database of 300 materials. The point puts originality iRecyclart , an iPhone application that offers interesting ideas to create new products from recycled materials, such as a table or a car manufactured lawn with a pool.

Reduced consumption of energy and fuels

One of the most environmentally friendly and practical uses of smartphones is controlling the consumption of fuels and energy. Android Fuel Calculator (Android) and Trip Fuel Calculator(iOS) are two of many examples of mobile tools that calculate the amount of fuel consumed in a given route. Among those with Spanish version, highlights EcoSpeed (iOS), which aims to inform about the most efficient ways of driving to consume less gasoline. More innovative isGreen Meter , an app can detect, thanks to the accelerometer of the iPhone and whenever the phone is secured in a holder, the efficiency of fuel use. The application notifies, for example, when the accelerator is too treading.

If what is sought is to analyze and reduce the energy consumption in the home, Energy Saver (Android and iOS ) is a good choice. Also myUse for iPhone, which measures electricity consumption, water and gas and provides tips to reduce it. As for saving mobile battery, which carries energy efficiency, there are apps like Battery Booster (Blackberry), Battery Doctor(Windows Phone), Battery Life Pro (iOS) and Battery Defender , Juice Defender andBattery Saver GreenPower (the three to Android). From a broader perspective, Green Me(iOS) is able to tell the user, based on analysis of all their habits, how green is.

Pollution control

Many of the apps designed to save fuel also seek to raise awareness about what pollutants are cars. However, some of them emphasize this point. That the case of Carbon Track for iOS, which calculates the footprint of carbon dioxide (CO2) leaving activities such as making a particular journey by car. It also gives tips to maintain an acceptable level of carbon emissions at work and at home, and set targets for emissions permits weekly, monthly and yearly. Ecorio(Android) plays very similar functions, measuring the emission of CO2 and proposing alternative routes public transport. Applications invited to share vehicle as Amovens (iOS), also contribute largely to that pollutes less.

the app Pollution (iOS) is capable of measuring the level of contamination of hundreds of cities in real time, providing information on both air quality and water. The system used byVisibility (Android) is more curious: calculates the level of contamination of a caracaterísticas analyzing the color of the sky in a photograph taken by the user.

In the area of waste, has proved very practical the Spanish appDesembasura ( Android and iOS ), a tool to enhance the contribution of the users, who are responsible for developing a list of my black spots throughout the Spanish geography. Allows reporting “from illegal discharges away from the corner of our street.” To do this, simply take a picture through this application and will be responsible for placing it on an interactive map.

As for the control of noise pollution, the best choice is Noise Meter ( Android , iOS andWindows Phone ), one of the applications developed by the European Environment Agency .With this application, you can pick up the sound environment through the speaker phone and get the decibel level of where we are. And regarding consumption, we recommend the use ofGood Guide (Android and iOS), application of the eponymous website that analyzes products and makes recommendations to users when buying and using one or the other.

Love for wildlife

Botany occupies a very important place among environmentalists apps. Many mobile-centric utilities plants, both in depth information about the plant world as tips for caring for trees, flowers, vegetables … In stores abound online apps as Guide or iHerbs (iOS). Among the most curious is A Real Tree (IOS), which costs 0.79 euros, money that will go integaramente to planting a tree. On the Web Audubon Trees can be found numerous applications that guide both the flora and the fauna.

For animal lovers there are applications like Fotopedia Wild Friends (IOS), a service focused on wildlife that puts all the weight on the photo. Abound specialized apps like iBird , focusing on birds ( Android and iOS ),  Chirp! Bird Songs Europe on birdsong (iOS), Butterfly Glossary , for lovers of butterflies ( Android ) Guide reptiles of Spain ( iOS ) …

The greenest leisure

The theoretical information and practical advice for day to day are the core of the most informative apps. Two of the highlights are also the result of the work of the European Environment Agency. One is Green Tips ( Android and Windows Phone ), a collection of practical green tips of all kinds (over 150 biodiversity, pollution, climate change, transport, water, waste, environment and health, etc.) that may be useful both for daily life as it comes to leisure activities ( Get Green and The Green Lemur , both for iOS, offering a similar approach). The second, with a more comprehensive approach is iEnviroWatch ( iOS ), giving environmental information of the desired geographical area.

With a far more focused on tourism find Green Globe ( Android and iOS ), the application seeking environmental green dye travel by offering users the chance kinder to the environment when making their journeys along and administrators worldwide. The Atlas of Nature ( Android ) should also be an app to be considered for environmental enthusiasts.

The getaway bike, one of the sports and leisure activities greener, also have their place in the world of mobile applications with tools like Wikiloc ( Android and iOS ) Bikemap ( iOS ),Endomondo ( Android and iOS ) Bike & Go ( Android and iOS ), B.Icycle ( Android and iOS ),MapMyRide ( Android , Blackberry and iOS ) or Strava Cycling ( Android and iOS ), which allow users to share the best routes, learn terrain relief coomo or the peculiarities of each area, measure the speed, calories burned .


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