Applications that consume more battery power on your mobile

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We all have our little tricks to extend the battery life of our telephone, but the reality is that, however much they are making progress in developing new technologies, we continue our smartphones barely lasted a whole day. What you may not know is the possibility that we have installed some other application that stays in our android as a chupotero amps until we were to zero.Given this complaint so common among users about the short duration of their phones, the U.S. operator  Verizon has published on its website a number of applications , all for Android, which called high risk for your use of amps, we seems important to share. The Vampire applications are undoubtedly video games.

Each of us knows how to treat his own phone when we spend hours away from home with no access to any type of charger, so good knowing that entails risk, since there are few times I’ve come home with the phone turned off, out of battery. The remedies are varied: avoiding Wifi and 3G and 2G use the very slow, without GPS and high screen brightness, also avoid bluetooth connections, etc.. Others have already chosen to lead a second battery in your pocket, or even on the purchase of an external battery accessory.

But all this must be added a very important factor, which is that the free applications usually consume more because of the advertising we see continually appear on our screen, which is the way in which these applications are funded. The U.S. operator Verizon is well aware of this and has made ​​a list enumerating a series of applications called “high risk”for both battery drain, as high consumption of data, for security holes. The company has produced exactly two lists, the first mentioned, and another that will renew monthly, and in which we can now see more gastonas applications in January and the best stops.

In the first list the games are worse off. The biggest spender app is the game Asphalt 7: Heat, Gameloft. There are also the famous Doodle Jump  and  Fruit Ninja,  and Grand Theft Auto III.  Neither are saved Need for Speed: Most Wanted’s largest Electronic Arts, or break Ralph , the last game of the Disney animated film.

In the second list , the less vampiric published January 2013, with five red balls.   Angry Birds  has the honor of appearing at number one. Followers several versions. Also noteworthy as saving applications eBay, Twitter, Skype, Shazam and Pinterest. Whatsapp however, does not appear in the lists, something curious. We will have to continue to go monthly page are evaluated watching most used Android.

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