Applications that companies do not want

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Fraudulent, vexatious or discriminatory numerous “apps” have had to be withdrawn by Apple and Android due to its inappropriate content

The Story iPhone game was removed from the Apple App Store for criticizing the methods of the company


A little less than a month Catalonia Railways announced its new application for ‘smartphones’ , a tool that, among other things, allowed immediately denounce and anonymous the presence of musicians and beggars who frequented Catalan trains. This week, and before the barrage of criticism, the company of the Government has been forced tochange their mobile service and settle once and complaints.

It is not, far from the first or last “app” controversy ends up being withdrawn or modified in the virtual stores of Apple and Android , but the market niche created appetizing around application development has favored the proliferation of programs whose content is, in many cases suitable for “navigators”. Only in sexual terms, Apple streak thousands of applications for violating its terms, for some too strict.Other “apps” such as Catalonia Railways, end up being modified after complaints from users , some are removed soon after his departure, while a large number of them can not even break through practices imposed by companies.

Here is a brief compilation of some of the most notorious cases of applications withdrawn or modified due to incorrect content:

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 Baby Shaker: Offensive to the extreme, this application was withdrawn by the Apple team also was forced to apologize for allowing its release. The macabre game was shake the phone to finish, quite violent, with a crying baby.

– ISnort: O have drugs in your iPhone. The application allowed simulate snorting cocaine lines creating the appearance of the drug and that users could eat virtually. It was withdrawn after causing dismay among the groups on the grounds that impinged drug consumption.

– False driver’s license: It allowed creating a fake driver’s license in the program by introducing some simple data. Although at first glance it was just a game licenses used primarily to create “toy” with fun photos, a senator from Pennsylvania asked his immediate removal to prevent fraud.

– IBoobs: The program, which allows to “play” with virtual breasts of two women, is just one of the thousands of apps that apple company withdraws its sexual content. The program came immediately from the App Store, but managed to be sold through Android, which was more liberal with this type of content.

Applications that companies do not want

 Jewish or not: It was removed from the App Store in France for violating the French Penal Code, which prohibits “computer creations based on religious beliefs.” Indeed, the purpose of the application was only several celebrities know whether or not they were Jews, as well as having access to stories, movies …

– Phone Story: Criticizing the company that can feed you well is not seen, much less to the company concerned. The game was retired in Cupertino considering denouncing some of the bad practices of Apple,such as working conditions, obsolescence or consumerism . It lasted three hours on the App Store.

– Freedom Time: Neither liked the apple company this application, whose main purpose was to establish a countdown to the departure of George W. Bush White House.

– Grooveshark: The distant cousin of Spotify did not last long in Android and Apple devices.Sued by several record labels, managers saw the company cut its chance of success via “smartphone” by not having all copyright licenses. Here you can see the letter you wrote the officers of the company to respond to market his forced departure .

Applications that companies do not want

 IMussolini: The application allowed the replay and download numerous smartphone Mussolini’s speeches. The program came to be placed in the ‘top’ of shock and caused a furor in Italy despite cost up to EUR 1.59. However, problems with intellectual property and files several complaints of a political nature earned him his output devices.

– IKamasutra : The ancient Hindu text Kama Sutra is available in bookstores, Apple decided to veto this application sexual positions despite having been available for several years. The withdrawal came when iKamasutra developers changed the icons and colored illustrations, which was sexual content, according to Apple, too explicit. The application was also banned from Google Play.

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