Application “Sleep with your friends” became a hit on Facebook

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With the help of an application called «Bang with Friends» («Sleep with your friends”), users can openly admit to any of the “friends” they would like to sleep.

If the contact is reciprocated, the sender is notified.

According to the creators of spicy application, its existence is to help people tell the truth about their sexual preferences.

One of the authors of “software”, said that “the desire for sex can not hide, it should be expressed. If there is a beautiful girl or a crazy guy, in which you are interested, you do not have it under control. We give you the chance to get closer to the truth. “

The names of the founders are not called.

According to  The Drum , the demand for ” Bang with Friends “has led to the emergence of similar applications in other social networks. For example, we know of the existence of ” Bang With Professionals “(” Sleep with the professionals “), developed for the social network to find business contacts LinkedIn.

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