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Every day I “short” posts on Facebook, Instapaper articles in March, “Favorite” tweets on Twitter, and save YouTube video. But sometimes I forget where I saw an interesting story or link. The Favs  is a Mac application that integrates with social sites and join all your favorites in one package nice and wide.

The application works with several networks and social services: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instapaper, Delicious, Google Reader, Instagram, Pinboard, and Vimeo, to name a few. Just log on sites that you would like to add, and authorize the Favs to access your data. The application loads your bookmarks from each site approved and separates them by source in the main window.


Switching between sources displays all items “favoritados” in a large window on the right side of the screen. When reviewing your pages saved from Instapaper, and Google Reader, this window will display works well, but other sites – like Facebook – require more rolls in the default settings. Favs The option includes a “fit preview” to fit a site in the preview window, but this made it difficult to read an article because of the small size of the font.

The integration of Facebook was our only source of frustration during testing. While authorizing the application, many of the marked bookmarks on Facebook led to an error message from the social network (although this may have more to do with privacy settings in Facebook than with the very Favs).

The Favs contains a powerful search function, which facilitates the user to find content. For example, the application keeps tags to blog posts, so a search by keyword tags includes, besides the text itself. The search worked well in tests and perhaps the feature that stood out in an application that is already impressive.

As we enter the best and newest social sites need to be alert to an increasing amount of content on the web. The Favs gives meaning to all this information to organize everything in a way more manageable.

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