Apple’s Retina MacBook Air 12-inch

Apple wants to remain the leader in the area of ​​ultra-thin notebook. Apple will release his new Retina MacBook Air 12-inch in the month of June at the WWDC developer event, yet the unit’s features are already in circulation.

According to resources, Apple would develop this time a super slim model even smaller than its big brother 13 inches and slightly narrower than the previous 11 inches. By offering such a model means that Apple mainly targets the segment of high-end market, and always wants to be considered the leader in the field of ultra-thin laptop.

Thus, apart from the slim design, it is found that the device also features a high-resolution display, leaving less space on the sides. As far as we know, the slim design also requires Apple to remove most of connectors to keep only a headphone jack and a USB Type-C (reversible USB). In other words, while the Apple brand has preferred to keep this single port rather than the other usual connectivity as standard USB port, the Thunderbolt connector or even the MagSafe plug. It is possible that the Retina MacBook Air 12-inch therefore be accompanied by a hub to connect various peripherals.

In short, it is therefore the information collected at this time regarding the future Retina Macbook Air 12 inches. As always, caution because nothing says that this information is really reliable. It remains to wait until the next for more information.

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