Apple working on a triple sensor that would improve the quality of your camera

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With the wide range of phones available many users choose which to buy giving priority to your camera . Apple is well aware of this, and in fact has always invested a lot of work on equipping iPhone tip a camera that allows the user to forget digital cameras, turning your smartphone into your ‘camera head’. Therefore not surprising that the information pointing is working on major improvements .



The website Apple Insider has been who has picked up the news that the Cupertino company just registered at the Patent Office of the United States one  new system for mobile camera consists of three sensors that offers a much higher quality than a sensor unique. This not only improves the resolution and sharpness of the colors but also represents a breakthrough for shooting low-light spaces .

Each of the sensors is prepared separately and has a lens which directs the light to a common surface : the first one reflects the rays of white light and the other two colors.

As in so many occasions, you have to keep caution patents filed by Apple or any other company, it is well known that many of them do not end up materializing . Anyway, Apple knows that all that is improving your camera will end up reporting great benefits .

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