Apple wins patent dispute in Samsung’s share collapses to record low

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In patent dispute with Samsung Apple posted its first success.Result is that the defeat in court can break not only the Samsung’s share – even Google’s Android makes the judgment.
The Samsung’s shares after the devastating defeat in U.S. Patent Process slumped against Apple by almost eight percent.The market value of the South Korean electronics giant thus fell by the equivalent of approximately 10 billion euros.Samsung wants to fight against the decision of the U.S. jury on.They had on Friday found the violation of several Apple patents by several devices from Samsung and the U.S. company awarded a billion dollars in damages.As a first step requested Samsung to revoke the provisional cessation of sales for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.It was the only point in the jury’s verdict, in which the South Koreans had fared well: The jury found no breach of the tablet design pattern of Apple by the Samsung Galaxy Tab Judge Lucy Koh, however, had in June, Apple’s request for an injunction against the instrument granted.Samsung has in its newer tablet models, the design already changed so that it is clearly different from Apple’s pattern.

Heavy losses for Samsung shares
According to estimates by market observers, the losses for the Samsung’s shares fell on the first trading day after the defeat process in California was higher than expected.In Seoul trading, the price of Samsung Electronics fell 7.5 percent on Monday to 1.18 million won (about 830 Euro).The stock market value fell by 14 trillion won (almost 10 billion euros).It was the biggest drop in almost four years.however, Apple came to the maximum level on an enterprise value of $ 638 billion (509 billion euros).The iPhone maker has recently been the most expensive ever listed companies.Since last year, the share price has doubled.

Severe blow to Samsung
The verdict in the patent war between Apple and Samsung on Friday was for the leadership of the South Korean electronics giant has a severe blow:

$ 1.05 billion damages said to the jurors Apple – a sum that could be by Judge Lucy H. Koh tripled yet .Samsung was now literally from the first strike of the “thermonuclear war” hit, had announced the Apple CEO Steve Jobs in summer 2010.But not at that time Samsung had provoked the rage of jobs, but Google as a manufacturer of Android smartphone system.“If I have to, I’ll use my last breath for this, and every penny of Apple’s $ 40 billion in the bank, in order to correct this injustice.I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product, “Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson quoted the former head of Apple in his book.“I will wage nuclear war against it.”Jobs felt at that time mainly by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt personally betrayed, who was a member of the Apple Board inaugurated at a very early stage in the top-secret development of the iPhone.Schmidt left until August 2009 – two and a half years after the launch of the iPhone – the Apple board after the conflict between Apple and Google could no longer be overlooked.

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